We stock the full range of paints from top brands Aalto and Cotec. Read more information about these brands below.

We are proud to be the exclusive stockists for Aalto Paint in Taranaki.

Aalto specialise in the creation and production of multi-pigmented colours using only the highest grade paint and colorants. Our unique colour system has been designed to fulfil the needs of interior designers, architects, and individuals with a discerning eye for colour.

Aalto colours are multi-pigmented, using up to 10 colorants to create a single colour, allowing for the full interplay of light and pigment within the colour. As the light changes throughout the day, so does your Aalto colour.

The Aalto paint range provides premium and trade quality decorative paints for all your interior and exterior decorating requirements.

Come and see us in-store for a chat about your next project or arrange a free consultation with our colour consultant Holly.

We are proud to be the exclusive stockists for Cotec Paint in Taranaki.

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Exterior Paint

Interior Pain

Primer Undercoats

Paving Paint

Anti Graffiti


Concrete Sealers

Elastomer Membrane Coastings

Pool Paints

Fence Paints

Field Marking

Roof Paint

Rustkills and Primers